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16th June 2014: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

After our night in the Quality Inn we were eager to get back on the road and head on to Myrtle Beach. We had a complimentary breakfast and a coffee and headed on our way. Cameron once again had ……… no not chicken wings but the home made waffles that you make yourself with their fancy automatic waffle machine. After the brief stop at a Le Creuset outlet shop in the middle of nowhere, we used the car GPS to find a local Starbucks for some coffee.

Le Creuset



Unfortunately it took us completely off the route into someones back garden and we ended up taking the back roads for the rest of the journey! We eventually did find a Starbucks which was a relief and it was amazing but very expensive as I’m sure everyone has heard.

Starbucks (eventually!)


The alternative route turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the “scenic” route we took had amazing sites to see and we got to see how people live in rural places. From beautiful  huge houses to trailers on the verge of the road.

Some of the houses

IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2681

We passed at least 10 different churches on this  short section of the road – we will need to do some research about the area to see what they were all about.

We were about halfway at this point and we were enjoying the route we had taken, when we passed through a National Forrest which was incredible. We passed a dead deer on the side of the road which had a number of buzzards(?) eating off it.

We arrived at Myrtle Beach at about 3pm and it is not what we thought it would be like!  We thought the ‘town’ would be like Kynsna or George but this place is huge! It has its own large international airport and the ‘strip’ of shops and retail outlets start 10km before you arrive in Myrtle Beach! There are water parks and amusement parks and the usual outlet malls you would find in Orlando.

After checking in we found out that our timeshare unit was only one large room so Dad ‘upgraded’ us to a one bedroomed unit which means Cameron and I would sleep in the lounge area and Mom and Dad would have their own room.

Plantation Resort is great – it has great pools, a lazy river and our unit overlooks a lake with geese and wildlife. We are about a 5 minute drive to the beach and there is complimentary transport to the beach if you want to use it.



pool indoor pool pool2

Our days here in Myrtle Beach have been quite different and we have been indoors until 2-3pm each day where Mom was doing work with Cameron and I have been doing the blog (catching up on last weeks travels). It has also been very hot (30 degrees+) so staying indoors has been a pleasure.

For Mark and Sharon and all our Botswana friends:



Yesterday we ventured out to the Tangers Outlet mall about 15km away. They had the usual Nike, Reebok and Levy shops. We managed to all come back with a little package or two as the savings were very good.

Driving along the Myrtle Beach main road we noticed a lot of trailer parks, only once we got home did we look at Google and look at what we found  – yes those are all trailers!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 2.33.13 AM

We have been eating at home each day which has been a nice change. Some veg and a home cooked meal has been great. The timeshare unit has a fully equipped kitchen including a washer/dryer.

Today is Saturday and we will start packing this afternoon as we need to be on the road by 8am tomorrow as we head off to Asheville.

Russell: My 5c worth…

Liz and I are both Guy Fieri supporters (Diners Drive-ins and Dives ) and are quite excited in that many of his restaurants he has visited (over 700!) are on our route this year! So we will be popping in to as many as we can to experience the food and vibe. Watch this space…..

Another fallacy! African heat vs USA heat! People talk about how bad the African heat is and how bad it is for your skin etc but until you experience the heat (and humidity) we have witnessed in Key West, Orlando and Myrtle Beach, the African heat is actually very mild in comparison. When you stand in the sun here in Myrtle Beach you immediately feel it burning you – all 33 degrees of it!

Hospitality. Something us South African’s can learn! The locals are so friendly, outgoing and welcoming – even to strangers, Maybe our history and cultural background have impacted on our willingness to be as outgoing? Not sure but it is really an amazing quality that we have experienced wherever we have been to date.

Lastly, I must comment on Liz and Cameron’s very positive approach to working each morning. It has been very difficult at times when there are many more interesting things happening in and around ‘the classroom’ but they have both been very disciplined to date. Kudos to you two – keep it up! To Mitchy, your blog is great and the feedback excellent – keep it up bud!

4 thoughts on “16th June 2014: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

  1. Reg and Anne

    Very interesting blog Mitch, the houses are something else aren’t they? Well done Liz and Cameron it sounds as if Cameron is working very hard when are school hols?
    It is hard to believe your weather and the heat while we are freezing here in the Cape.
    Have a good trip to Asheville lots of pics please Mitch. Love from us both.

  2. Beverly Berryman

    The heat and humidity are really bad in parts of the country and Washington D.C. is going to be awful. Spend your time indoors at the Smithsonian Museums, the admission is free! Don and I will be quite glad to be in Capetown for your winter and our summer, it will be nice to go for a walk and not be sweating.

  3. Shirley (Grandma)

    I am with Uncle Donald and Ronelle and this is my first contact with you. Sounds like a lot of good times. Mitch keep up the good work on the webpage, it is exciting reading. Cameron good to hear your studies are going well. Your classroom looks great and so is your teacher. LOL :-) love to all enjoy the adventure

  4. Peter and Lynsay

    Hi guys, we are enjoying the blogs and photos. Mitch you are doing a great job – just don’t keep us hanging for too long between blogs!!!!!
    The Minnaars

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