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17 October-24 October 2014: Lodi, California

First of all, sorry for the delayed posts. Things have been a little bit interesting since the incident in Oakland.

After our amazing week in Las Vegas, we were headed for California but first we made a stop in a small town to get some food and drinks for the long road ahead. In that town we found possibly the most unfortunate name we had ever seen and she was running for some sort of election:


Her Husband apparently owned some of these companies listed below :)

IMG_3191 IMG_3208 IMG_3192

We needed to travel approximately 10 hours to our next stop. But I had made contact with a friend of mine who lives in a town in central California named Lodi, and his name is Daniel. We met about 4 years ago on a cruise from Miami to Long Beach and a friendship bloomed. I made contact with him when we were in Atlantic City, explaining how we would be passing through later on in the year.

Needless to say Mom and Dad were going to miss me when I stayed with Daniel and his family, but it was definitely a well needed break from the family. Believe it or not it isn’t as easy as one would think spending 6 months with your immediate family;  I could write a book.

I was welcomed to Daniels family like a family member who they hadn’t seen in ages. I was to stay there for a week and travel by bus to San Francisco when Mom and Dad headed down there from Nice. Although Daniel, his Mom and Sister worked a lot during the week, I still managed to find things to do.

Daniel worked at a Subway, which is a popular fast food franchise in the states. Cambria, Daniel’s sister, worked at a Starbucks. Both of the places where they worked were within a 10 minute walking distance of the house.

I spent the week catching up with friends, sleeping late and just relaxing. On one of the days we went to see The Maze Runner at a local theatre –  it was an amazing movie.

On the Saturday, I woke up early and got ready to catch a bus to San Francisco. The bus had a 2 hour stop in Sacramento, so I just made use of the free wi-fi and awaited  for the next bus.

And a couple hours later I was in San Fran at the bus depot where Mom and Dad were waiting for me – they had driven down from Clear Lake that day as well. They were so happy that I was safe and sound  and back in their company.

We then drove into town to find our hotel in San Francisco.

3 thoughts on “17 October-24 October 2014: Lodi, California

  1. Hi Reg and Anne

    Mitch it must have been nice with your friend on your own. For a week, we can see you really enjoyed the break frolm the family, you just needed your own space for a week. Only 8″ sleeps.

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