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30 September-10 October 2014: Park City, Utah

We had planned to stay in Park City for just over a week. This week was planned as a work/ sightseeing week and that is exactly what we did.

The place we were staying in was amazing, it had about 5 beds, and overlooked the Outlet Mall. It also had a nice view of the mountains on the other side of the valley. A really nice apartment to spend a week in. Here’s the view from the balcony:


Cameron did work every morning whilst I worked on the blog and in the afternoons we went out whether it was for lunch or to another ski resort or just going shopping.

There was a Wal- Mart within walking distance along with a Tanger Outlet mall, both pluses for Mom.

We decided on one of the days it would be nice to go to a local ski resort in town, the Park City Mountain Resort which was about 5km from us. They had a roller coaster called the Alpine Coaster and a luge at this place. The roller coaster was a single-seater thing that took you up the mountain at near vertical angles all before flying down the mountain at high speed.IMG_3019


IMG_3021Mom didn’t feel too comfortable but she did well, Cameron thoroughly enjoyed it along with Dad and I. Next was the luge, Cameron and Mom didn’t want to do it. So Dad and I did it, but I had to obviously have the guy who goes 5 kmph  in front of me so Dad obviously won the ‘race’ – I felt very upset however that I had to be stuck behind the slow guy. Mom and Cameron in the mean time took a ski lift up to the top of the mountain whilst taking beautiful photos of the surrounding area. It was apparently freezing up at the top and their round trip took over an hour to complete.

This is mom after her nerve wracking ride:IMG_3025



IMG_5505 IMG_5530 IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5533 IMG_5496 IMG_5497 IMG_5504

IMG_5523 IMG_5524 IMG_5528 IMG_5517

After the exciting day at the ski resort we went back to this Terriyaki kitchen that specialized in Terriyaki dishes. Dad and I had Terriyaki Chicken whilst Mom had Salmon and Cameron had sushi.715widea


The following night we decided to be spontaneous and go and eat at a restaurant on the busiest road in the town (Main Street), however the restaurant that had a deal wasn’t open on Sundays. Therefore we wondered the streets looking for a place that was affordable and that had good food.

We walked up and down the street looking at menus, we found places who’s pizzas were $17 which is a little bit ridiculous and even found places where the ‘special’ meal was over R300 each!

We found a moose that was all dressed up in human clothing on the street where the Vietnamese restaurant was located, it was hilarious!

IMG_3034 IMG_3035

Eventually we stumbled upon a Vietnamese restaurant where the service was very poor but the food was incredible – we all enjoyed our meals. We were hesitant to eat there and Cameron couldn’t find anything he liked, but once he had everyone felt more settled.

On one of the days we traveled into Salt Lake City, and had some lunch at a Sonic drive in restaurant where you park along the other cars and order and then a waitron brings your food. We drove past the Tabernacle aka the Mormon Church before heading back to the unit to pack as we were traveling the next day. Here is the menu at Sonic. You press the red button to place your order:


IMG_5535 IMG_5537 IMG_5538 IMG_5539

Whilst we were in Park City we visited the Outlet Mall a couple of times, some more than others   ( Elizabeth and Russell). I bought some new shoes and socks and Mom and Dad bought preserves from Harry & David and some smellies from Bath and Body works.

We can’t tell if it’s because we miss home or if it was a sign but the yolk from my egg the one morning resembled Africa, what do you think? Even a mini Madagascar is there!


Park City was a great place to visit and we would love to come back to the area in the winter to experience the snow. Thanks to Kim and Chris from for a great week.



2 thoughts on “30 September-10 October 2014: Park City, Utah

  1. Reg and Anne

    Great blog again Mitch, beautiful pics lovely buildings and super eating places, what’s going to happen when you come home and have to start your own cooking again!!!! Enjoy your next leg of the trip to San Francisco, that’s for keep everyone in the loop it has been so enjoyable. You will all be coming home for a LONG rest. See you soon.

  2. Glyn

    Amazing pics and info,thanks Mitch!I also like your hair cut!!
    Summery back here for the weekend!Grant trying to study for exams startin
    g next week….and we are building on a little garden flat,so you can imagine the noise and the nerves!!! xx

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