The Pengelly USA Roadtrip

15 August- 22 August 2014: Ozark, Missouri, USA

On our way to Ozark we passed through a town called Cameron, isn’t that funny?

IMG_28322014-08-15 01.06.11A couple of hours before we arrived in Ozark, we stopped at this quaint Amish antique stall. As you can imagine Mom did her nut looking at all the old furniture and quilts etc. Mom ended up buying a little runner for the diningroom table.

Just further on was this hamburger joint, right in the middle of nowhere!

2014-08-15 14.19.35We stopped for lunch at this amazing smoked rib restaurant (also in the middle of nowhere). I know the outside of the building does not look great but we all enjoyed the best ribs to date. The place was called Sugarfoot BBQ and Dad was so impressed he bought a t-shirt from them. The front has their logo and name, and on the back it says “Every butt deserves a good rub“. Not sure if the South Africans will get it!

2014-08-15 15.35.15

The week in Ozark was mainly a time to catch up on some work before the houseboat, as we weren’t quite sure if we were going to have internet whilst on the houseboat. We stayed at a very nice  resort that greatly exceeded our expectations. It was a big unit, Cameron and I each had our own rooms. It was a nice place to spend our week there. The resort  was on a beautiful lake with a couple of mountains and hills surrounding the units.



Cameron did tasks and work during the mornings whilst I walked to the cafe within the resort to get wifi access as there wasn’t any in our room. The walk was like a mini hike, I had to climb hills and walk through valleys, but it was worth it for wifi. I did some catching up on posts and I also chatted with my friends back home.

There was a city close to where we were staying named Branson – it was a lot larger than we  thought it was gonna be. Clearly the city gets its revenue from tourists and theater’s, because there was literally a theater on every corner. A mix of Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach? We had lunch at a Steak n Shake before going down to Branson Landing, which is the equivalent of the Knysna waterfront. (By the way, everything at Steak n Shake is $4 or less so it makes eating there quite affordable for South Africans! ). Branson Landing has musical fountains with fire! Quite entertaining!

Daytime Fountain Show Branson Landing PromenadeMom enjoyed going into the numerous quilting shops

2014-08-17 11.58.55

Cameron and I found a shop at Branson Landing where you could make your own Remote Control cars.  It was quite an interesting experience, where you built the car from the ground up by yourself and you choose all the various the components. It really was heaps of fun and so professionally run.

IMG_4739 IMG_4734 IMG_4739 IMG_4729 IMG_4731

On one of the nights, Cam and I did supper for the family, we braaied and had S’Mores to end off with. Thanks Karla and Bruce!!!

IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2841 IMG_2837 IMG_2838

I also had an interesting haircut at a local hairdresser. (I can’t say anything about the look and feel as I gave the lady our blog details, so use your imagination here people!!!)

It was “Shark Week”  the entire week on National Geographic whilst we were in Ozark – it was really interesting. We learnt more about our own country, like the “fact” that we have a new Minister of Fisheries! Did you know that?!:

IMG_2836Ozark was a great place to stop over and we all had a good time here. The local people were very friendly and welcoming  – if we had a $ for every time a local said they loved our accents, I would have enough $’s  to buy a new laptop!


5 thoughts on “15 August- 22 August 2014: Ozark, Missouri, USA

  1. Reg and Anne

    We have been waiting and waiting, thanks Mitch, the shops all look so cute and like a picture postcard no one or should I say nothing in site. I bet you guys had fun in the car shop, have you made anything yet or are you too busy?
    Mom must love the craft shops, maybe when she comes home she will be into her crafts again, in her spare time !!!
    Cheers and carry on have a ball, miss you all.

  2. Sharon & Gary

    So delighted that you are back online! The lakes at Ozark Mountain Resort are just beautiful and we love the colour of the trees – absolutely gorgeous! Liz, I fully understand the attraction of the craft and fabric shops – right there with you ! My dad would love to build his own remote control car – what a great idea – that shop looks amazing! Thanks guys for sharing this wonderful adventure with us all. Lots of love xx

  3. Glyn

    What fun you had in Branson ,guys! Mitchell, I have missed the updates…they make my day when I get one! Thanks for all the interesting info…we feel like we are travelling with you….Enjoy!! x

  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the messages everyone. We are missing you all too! :-) Not long to go now though.

    I must say a Huge “Thank You” to Gini Cawood. When we visited Gini and Dick in Mountain Rest (where the boys rode motorbikes) I was really inspired by Gini’s quilts that she has made over the years. Since visiting with them I have been really keen to get going again with my handwork – I guess children and work just took my spare creative time away, but when we get back I will start up again. I have been into some wonderful little shops and so I have bought a few pieces of fabric to do some quilting. Thanks Gini, your quilts are beautiful! You got me started on cross-stitch all those years ago and now my new hobby will bring me as much joy I’m sure. Lots of love to all. xxx

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