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27-29 July 2014 : Tobermory, Canada

Once we got back from the exciting couple of days on the boat we were awaiting the rest of the family to arrive so we could celebrate Kyle’s Birthday which was the next day. All of the family gathered just like before, we chatted, celebrated and ate burgers and hot dogs.

When everyone left,  Dad looked at the calender and the next place we were headed to was Oshkosh for the airshow. It was Sunday and we only needed to be there on Thursday. That gave us approximately three days to play with so Karla and Dad were in discussions about maybe traveling west in Canada around Georgian Bay to a place called Tobermory. Bruce had never visited Tobermory and after much deliberation it was decided that we would drive up together  to Tobermory and then Karla and Bruce could drive back to the boat and enjoy their holiday (a circular route that looked great).

There was only one problem – Karla would have to do laundry as we were leaving in the morning and it was already 9pm. So Karla had to stay up late and wake up early to do all the washing necessary :(

In the morning we packed the cars, and headed on a journey to Tobermory which was about a 3 or 4 hour drive from Guelph. Bruce came in our car whilst Karla and Mom traveled together so they could jabber on. We stopped at a Tim Horton’s which is the equivalent of Starbucks in Canada, except cheaper and better if you ask me.


We traveled through a town called Wiarton where the famous gopher, Wiarton Willie,  lives. He predicts the start of Spring each year on 2 February (Groundhog Day). Apparently.  For more info on this you can have a look at

IMG_4088 IMG_4094

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see him on this day.

The drive was amazing, like driving through the Keys in Florida. We then arrived in Tobermory, and were staying in the Coach House Inn, but first we needed a bite. We went into the center of town, right next to where the ferry was leaving from, that we would take the next morning in order to get across Georgian Bay. Lunch was great. After lunch we drove back to the Inn, dropped off some bags etc. then we headed back to the waterfront/harbor area. Tobermory is a very quaint seaside town which reminded us a bit of Kynsna back home.


IMG_4111 IMG_4112 IMG_4116

We walked around and looked at all the shops, there was even an African shop!  It was really interesting and reminded us of home.


There were many scuba shops and diving shops along with interesting restaurants and bars. Apparently this is THE place to scuba dive – the waters are very clear and shallow – really great.

IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4121

We walked around the entire harbor/dock finding a map shop for Bruce, and a shop with stuff for boats – all very really interesting. Some of the boats were huge and clearly the owners were loaded!

IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136

IMG_4128 IMG_4129

We had supper at a very nice pub on the second story of building overlooking the entire harbor.

IMG_4146 IMG_4147

After supper we had to get home quickly so we could watch the Bachelorette finale (rolls eyes).

The next morning was an early start as we had to get into the queue for the ferry. Once we had done that we went for breakfast at the same place we went to for lunch the previous day, overlooking the harbor.

We got back in our cars and drove onto the ferry. It was really incredible, the front and the back of the ship can open to allow cars on and off, I had never seen one of those before.

IMG_4152 IMG_4165 IMG_4149 IMG_4151

We went upstairs and sat and watched Tobermory fade into the distance whilst enjoying some beverages. The one and a half hour ferry ride went by really quickly.


After departing the ferry we were heading towards Espanola (this is where we were part ways with Karla and Bruce). We stopped to have our last lunch with Karla and Bruce and once again, the food was really, really good. The waitress recognized Bruce from a previous visit with all of their friends.

We carried on to Espanola where we said our goodbyes outside a Tim Horton’s, it was a really great week with our extended family and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks once again Karla and Bruce for a really enjoyable time and for spoiling us rotten. We now have to do the same when you visit us in South Africa!

IMG_4157 IMG_4156Bruce: This is not Bruce writing but informing all about the place called Bruce! As we were arriving at Tobermory, we found many references to Bruce Peninsula, What to do in Bruce, The History of Bruce etc, so Bruce (our Bruce!) took it upon himself to make sure he milked the situation!:

IMG_4127 IMG_4144 IMG_4170 IMG_4089 IMG_4126




2 thoughts on “27-29 July 2014 : Tobermory, Canada

  1. Reg and Anne

    I wonder who Bruce was! someone very famous I am sure. Nice to see you had a great time with the extended family. The towns look so quant and beautiful scenery. Carry on guys we are enjoying it.

  2. Rob and Julie

    Mitch , I hope you keeping a record of all the food places you have been too – you can then create a book out it – Mitch’s American food route!

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