The Pengelly USA Roadtrip

25-27 July 2014: Georgian Bay, Canada

Day 1:

We woke up rather early this morning to get on the road to the Lake, but first we had to pack the car. After we had packed the car (which is getting progressively more and more difficult!), we went to a diner for a brunch that serves really good food, Angels diner. The food was amazing, and it really was an old school diner from the 50’s.

After brunch we went to the bottle store (liquor store), and bought our necessary drinks, as apparently you get really thirsty at the boat. :) Also the legal drinking age is 19 in Canada which was a plus for me. :) :)

We then had a “two hour” journey to the boat with a stop off at an outlet mall so that the ladies could shop. I say “two hour” because it actually took us about 7 hours as there was an accident on the 400 heading to Georgian Bay. Needless to say this became the joke of the weekend.

Anyway at about 6:30pm we arrived at the boat and we had left at 12:00, we arrived just in time for the restaurant at the harbor to take our orders before closing. We pretty much all had wings, which were amazing.

After we had dinner we went back to the boat, Bruce took Cameron and I on a tour before however across the lake on their dingy, to see a ship that was built by the same person who built the Titanic. We arrived back at the boat, opened some beers and awaited Karla and Bruce’s friends arrival. Roel, Wendy, Darryl, Terry, Heinz and Trudy. Dave and Jenny arrived the next day with their daughter Olivia.


IMG_3864IMG_3878 IMG_3879 IMG_3880

We all got along really well, they are all very nice people and very welcoming. It was nice hearing all the stories that they had to tell whilst being on the water together. Collectively they had two dogs with them, Meadow –  super energetic female dog and Bailey the relaxed male dog, typical!

We went to bed rather late on this first night, about 1 I think was when everyone turned in for the night as we were going on the lake the next day.

Day 2:

We woke up this morning waiting eagerly to get on the boat and hit the lake, but there were things that had to be done first. Karla made us an amazing breakfast and really good coffee from a percolator.

We needed to make a run into town, and because the town around the harbor was very quiet I was allowed to drive all the ladies. This is my first experience driving a car since home, and it was on the other side of the road, but I think I did okay considering we never crashed!

IMG_3883 IMG_3882 IMG_3881

We got some groceries and I think meat, can’t quite remember, and then we headed back to the boat. Brittany, Cameron and I needed to go get some Ice from the harbor. And after that we started heading onto the lake. Brittany, Cam and I went on the dingy when going out as we couldn’t tow it from inside the dock.


We got back on the boat and attached the dingy before going really fast on the bigger boat. The roar of the 2  huge inboard engines were incredible. We reached our destination where we were to be we anchored in about 30-45 minutes, once there all the other boats tied onto one another and also anchored. We had a little 3 boat floating community. And then 2 more boats joined us, it was quite a sight.


And now, we relaxed. Drinks came out, and feet went up. We decided that this was the life!

IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3908 IMG_3900 IMG_3903

Bruce was going to an island where everyone does they’re shopping in order to buy some firewood. So Olivia, Cameron and I went with him. To get to the island, Picnic Island, we had to travel through a channel called Big Dog, which is bigger than Little Dog channel. We picked up the firewood and Bruce got us Ice-creams, Bruce also bought a T-shirt for me, it says Picnic Island on it. Thanks once again, Bruce!

The way back was a little more interesting than on the way there as one of us (Olivia) left the bow line in the water and subsequently got us stuck in the middle of Little Dog as the rope had tangled into the prop. Bruce had to jump in the water in order to untangle it, it was quite funny but serious at the same time.

When we got back, the guys all went to a nearby Irish pub in the dingy’s whilst all the ladies stayed on the boats and chatted (and drank Caesars!).

When they got back it was about time to get dinner ready, the plan was that everyone cooked there own food on their boats with use of the BBQ (Braai) attached to the back of the boats and there after we would all travel to the island to do S’mores and chill by the camp fire.

IMG_3925 IMG_3927

The meal was amazing, one of the nicest steaks I have ever had. After we had eaten we waited until the sun went down so we could go to shore and start the fire, however mother nature had another idea. The heavens opened and it was raining really hard. And at this point Cameron and Bruce were already on the island, so Bruce came back for whatever reason and Cameron experienced his first Bear Grylls experience on the island. Alone on the island during a thunder storm, Cameron was petrified.

So Dad, Bruce, Wendy and Myself went to the island to go get him and take bring back to the boats. At this stage the rain and lightning was at full force but we had to go and ‘save’ him. The S’mores weren’t an option, unfortunately. But the fire was going well, and we couldn’t just leave it going on the island as this was a hazard. So Cameron and I had to go to the lake edge with a bucket of water, in the middle of this storm to get water to put out the fire. It took a good 5 minutes and by this point we were beyond soaked.  It was at this stage that Bruce mentioned the bears on the island! Nice! We hopped back in the dingy and went straight back to the boat where the ladies were waiting with some towels for us. It was an interesting experience, and chatting over some beers later, we all had  a really good laugh (at Cameron’s expense!)

IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3936


And that was the night, we stayed up a little later to talk about politics and stuff like that before going to sleep.

Day 3:

This morning we had another amazing breakfast before going out and tubing, first thing in the morning tubing is quite interesting as you aren’t quite awake until you fall off the first time!



Bruce’s driving of the dingy was also a tuber’s worst nightmare, with sharp turns, along with the stop start technique, it was almost impossible to stay on for long.

IMG_3944 IMG_3945

It was a lot of fun trying different styles of tubing and even Dad went on at one point.



Once we got back we went straight to a place called Jumping Rock, which is basically just a big rock that you can jump off of and land in deep water – it was about 20-30 feet up. It really was a lot of fun. Bruce, Dad, Dave and I did the big rock, whilst Cam did the smaller one.

IMG_4025 IMG_4055









We got back to the boat, and we were leaving very soon. I went on a jet ski ride with Olivia and then we pulled up our anchors and left to go back to the harbor. Unpacked the boat and raced home, this time not taking 7 hours. We had to get home as Brittany was  going to Bruno Mars concert with her friend.

IMG_4082 IMG_4064 IMG_4074

And that was our adventure at Georgian Bay, a lovely weekend filled with memories.




4 thoughts on “25-27 July 2014: Georgian Bay, Canada

  1. Sharon & Gary

    What a fabulous weekend! We are SO enjoying your travels and are delighted that you are making the most of every day along the way. You should publish a family travel guide when you return – it will definitely be a best seller!! Travel safely and we look forward to the next instalment.

    Love Shazza & Gazza xx

  2. Rob and Julie

    Guys a great report and what a weekend ! very envious but really happy you guys enjoying it to the fullest . Keep well and safe

  3. Glyn

    Such fun!!!!Thanks for the great pics and news….always look forward to catching up on the Pengelly activities!!!!Enjoy for us too!!!!! x

  4. Reg and Anne

    What a lot of fun you all had, boy you must have slept like logs after all the swimming etc We are so pleased you are enjoying your trip you have thought of for all these years, carry on enjoying it, you will have lots and lots to tell us when you get back.

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